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Herbarium Prints, C. 1930, Pair

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Genuine herbarium print specimens assembled in schools around Europe for study project; each is the original specimen, with the original tag written by the student which includes the specimen name, students name, class, and dated from the 1920s and 1930s;These originals have been wonderfully framed and matted and ready for hanging as a pair or as a gallery.

Material type: Wood, Paper, Glass, Natural Specimen

Authentic product

Herbarium Prints, C. 1930, Pair Details:

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Vintage Herbatorium & Bird Prints

If you”re into gardening, birdwatching, or both- you”ll be delighted with this vintage collection of framed genuine herbarium specimens and richly colored bird lithographs that date back to the 1920-1930″s. Hang as pair or mix-and-match with multiple sets and you”ve got your own cabinet of curiosities collection started.