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Lomo Instant Camera with 3 Lenses

Lomo Instant Camera with 3 Lenses

Reg Price: $

Our Price: $149

Description: Lomo Instant Camera with 3 Lenses:

  • Camera with 1" built-in wide angle lens
  • Auto flash shooting mode
  • Two manual shooting modes
  • Flash on manual mode for shooting indoors
  • Switch between N for normal day and night shots
  • B shutter for light-streaked photos
  • Flash on auto mode for instant photos
  • Default aperture value of f/16
  • Smaller aperture of f/22
  • Maximum aperture of f/8
  • Adjustable exposure compensation dial
  • Sensor on the flash detects the brightness
  • Light meter automatically gives off the right amount of flash
  • Flash off manual mode for long exposure at night
  • 0.4 m. closest focusing distance
  • Shoot unlimited multiple exposure instants
  • Combine numerous shots on one frame
  • Color gels adds filter over the flash
  • Instant photo format for credit card sized photo snapshots
  • Tiny mirror on the left lens

Measurements: 6" W x 2" D x 4" H

Material: Plastic

Care: Dry with a dry cloth

Brand: Lomography

Origin: Imported

Lomo Instant Camera with 3 Lenses Details:

Color As Picture
Brands Lomography